A controversial weekend for F1, and a Successful one for CollectionSuites.

The Montreal’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve was off to an interesting start as Sebastian Vettel began dominating the race on his Ferrari, delivering an excellent pit strategy that proved to his fans he still has what it takes. Vettel took pole position for the second time in a row at the Canadian Grand Prix, defeating five-time F1 winner Lewis Hamilton with only a 0.2 seconds gap. The race was a close call as Mercedes’ Hamilton recovered from a 6 to a 0.7 second gap, pressuring Vettel.

Ultimately, the German Ferrari driver had a slight oversteer which caused him to over correct and cut the grass corner in the chicane, somehow managing to avoid a crash and maintaining his lead position. However, things took a turn as a controversial decision by the stewards granted a 5-second penalty to Vettel for entering the track in an unsafe manner, forcing Hamilton to take evasive action. This decision costed him his first-place position at the podium, further increasing Hamilton’s lead in the championship.

Team FMS Motorsport and CollectionSuites

CollectionSuites’ team, FMS Motorsport, was highly represented at the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada in the Gold Class by our founder and race car enthusiast Juan Manuel Fayen, and racer Angel Benitez. Fayen and Benitez knew early on that proving themselves on the famous Circuit Gilles Villenueve wouldn’t be an easy task, which motivated them to bring nothing short of their best to the track.

For the young GT3 Cup team, racing on the same tracks as the Formula1 Grand Prix was an indescribable, adrenaline-pumping experience that attests their talent and commitment to the sport. Fayen exceeded expectations with his strong and aggressive take that earned him the Hard Charger award for overtaking 20 racers, and Benitez was one of the top contestants in the race, ultimately coming in at second place. It prides us to honor their achievements as they are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the team. These awards live as proof that beyond a hobby, CollectionSuites’ team, FMS Motorsport, positions itself as a real competitor in the season.