In the Media, CollectionSuites

By now, you’ve probably heard about the new destination for car and art collectors in Miami – yes, that’s us! We are CollectionSuites, and our game is luxury storage. Since our conception, we’ve made headlines for our innovative and exclusive approach to the modern-day lifestyle of collectors around the world.

Here are some of our favorite press highlights

Forbes: The CollectionSuites In Miami: The Ultimate Way To Store Your Prized Possessions

“Miami is one of the country’s top cities for luxury and collectible vehicles, and a growing need for owners living in these multi-million dollar condos to keep their high-end goods in a private and secure space, Collection Suites is a great solution for this luxury market.”

Ocean Drive: Lino Fayen Launches Miami’s First CollectionSuites

“How would you like to see CollectionSuites grow in the future?

Lino Fayen of CollectionSuites: I know that it will become a private club. The 38 [suite owners] will all become friends. And since we have the same interests in cars, wines, and collectibles, we’re going to do events like cars and coffee and go down for a poker run to the Keys or to Homestead.

Robb Report: CollectionSuites Offers Private Supercar Sanctuaries

Any child who has seen depictions of the Batcave has fantasized about a secret sanctuary of their own. For many—especially those who grow into serious collectors—that desire doesn’t diminish with age. Fortunately, CollectionSuites provides hideaway space that even Bruce Wayne would embrace.



Today, we’re proud to look back at what was once a pipe dream and is now a living reality – we have built our community from the ground up and are already at 33% occupancy. And to Mr. Fayen’s vision for CollectionSuites, we now host frequent cars and coffee events, so if you’re interested in attending one, you can opt-in to our events newsletter and join us at the next one!

Whether you are a collector or an enthusiast, welcome home. CollectionSuites is nothing without our passionate community so come by for a visit soon!