Live the Luxury Lifestyle

There’s a distinct lifestyle that characterizes collectors. It’s a lifestyle driven by an unmatched passion for the timeless; for the millenary craft. Where quality and attention to detail surpass opulence, and where efficiency is the best form of luxury. This is what CollectionSuites embodies.

Since its conception, CollectionSuites has been more than a functional space to store collections. Founder Juan Manuel Fayen envisioned a place where every detail would serve a purpose to complement the lifestyle of the true collector. For us, technology and security are at the forefront, complemented by exquisite finishes and an enticing design.

CollectionSuites does a remarkable job of blending modern luxury with next-level technology and automation. Every suite boasts a stunning variety of high-end finishes, including Italian porcelain tile flooring and a lavishly appointed bathroom. In the second floor, a gorgeous mezzanine overlooks the Porsches and the Ferraris, where you can enjoy sipping on an 18-year Single Malt Scotch while watching the best of F1.

Open the gates, turn down the AC, dim the lights and hit play to your favorite soundtracks. At CollectionSuites you can do all this and more with the touch of your fingers. Our state-of-the-art digital platform allows for total control of the suite, with access to the entrance gates, security cameras, concierge services and more.

For us, luxury also translates to impeccable service and attention. Our trusted five-star concierges at Luxury Concierge are always available to assist CollectionSuites owners with every need! Whether it’s a reservation in the hottest restaurant in town, VIP access to exclusive events, or automobile transportation and cleaning services.

Join us today and live a new kind of luxury lifestyle crafted for the true collector.