Ferrari, one of the most coveted cars on and off the tracks. 

For decades, the Italian supercar manufacturer, Ferrari, has set the standard in terms of innovation, design, and performance. An incredible journey that started over 70 years ago in Modena, Italy with avid racecar driver and dreamer, Enzo Ferrari. Ferrari’s passion for cars went beyond his days revving engines on the tracks. His keen obsession for aesthetics and performance led him to design some of the most coveted cars on and off the tracks.


In 1947 Ferrari was founded. The years to follow were glorious and would set Enzo Ferrari and his team on the path to success. Ferrari made headlines for winning prestigious races including Mille Miglia (1948), Le Mans 24 Hour Race (1949) and the F1 World Championship Grand Prix (1951). Soon, the Italian luxury brand was accessible to elite racecar drivers from all over the world, in their signature red color.


One of the last cars in Enzo Ferrari’s career was the 1989 Ferrari F40 Berlinetta. Built to commemorate 40 years of Ferrari, the F40 one of the most desirable and important modern models for car collectors, regarded for its unmatched performance and lightweight.


For CollectionSuites’ founder Juan Manuel Fayen, the F40 car is emblematic, and no Ferrari collection is complete without it. It’s the same F40 that landed CollectionSuites the title of “The best in Class” at Palm Beach Concours D’Elegance, an event that features some most sought-after automotives from classics to exotics.