For the love of Cars

There’s much more to cars than horsepower and a shiny red exterior. If you ask most collectors, we’ll tell you it’s a sentiment and a connection that goes beyond the price tag. It is about how it makes us feel in control while simultaneously granting us a level of freedom, and about the sense of achievement that comes from acquiring something you idolized from an early age. It’s an unmatched respect for the millenary craft that encompasses aesthetics, history and technique.

At CollectionSuites, the love for cars is in our DNA. It’s the engine that has driven us to our mere existence. We built a space that orbits around our passion for cars in every shape and form, from antiques to the beloved classics and with all sorts of diverse backgrounds and stories. For us, more than a place to protect these priceless possessions, it was about creating a community where the love for the timeless stood at the forefront.